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Kodaiki Academy: Application by Minmarin Kodaiki Academy: Application by Minmarin

I cant really shade, maybe one day. I made an OC woah. First OC I think I've ever made (properly anyways). For this really lovely group~! 

Kumiko Sakuragi

Age: 17

Date of birth: 20th April

Year: Senior

Height: 5, 2

Club: Arts and crafts

Personality: She is a very emotive girl, prone to crying at silly things and is very easily excited, as such she could be described as immature and has quite a childish appearance. However, she makes up for this by having a generally sweet and polite nature, she would never forget to say please or thank you and adores to be praised by teachers and elders (goodytwoshoes). She is not shy or introverted but doesn’t like being the centre of attention in most circumstances, she would make a bad leader as she is foolishly impulsive and lacks much common sense. She much rather enjoys getting bossed around by her friends who may be brasher than she, in fact she LOVES having somebody to look up to and admire. Kumiko can be a little odd, she daydreams a lot making her slightly out of touch sometimes, she may often ask strange questions and isnt really the brightest of sparks (unfortunately she has pretty low grades) but is incredibly artistic and creative, art is really the only thing she is good at apart from sitting in a daze in her own little world.

Bio: Kumikos mother had had extreme pregnancy problems whilst having Kumiko, becoming very sick, and was advised by the doctor that bearing another child would be putting her life at risk. Kumikos mother took a long time to recover as her body was weak, not wanting to take that risk Kumikos parents didn’t try for another baby causing Kumiko to be an only child. Growing up Kumiko had been lonely, not having many friends to play with that lived near her (the countryside), she often read fantasy books and enjoyed taking walks in the woods. She found ways to entertain herself and developed a vivid imagination. The Elementary school Kumiko attended was old and quiet, so wrapped up in her own thoughts she often didn’t make that much of an effort to make friends with the little amount of kids her own age. Her parents saw that Kumiko was often alone and felt sad that they hadn’t been able to provide her with a sibling, they suggested moving to a city in the hopes that Kumiko could make more friends. They decided to move to Hatanaka when Kumiko was due to start Middle School. Her mother had raised Kumiko to be a ladylike and kind girl however a part of her wanted Kumiko to remain a child forever and she tended to baby her, not letting her become independent or mature due to her constant worry of Kumikos safety. During Middle School Kumiko felt things were a lot busier and noisier than before. At first it overwhelmed her but she gradually got used to it and made a small group of friends, she never truly felt like she fitted in with them though, she was new to all this, she was often teased for her cluelessness and got nicknamed 'oddish'.  She loved them all however and she thoroughly enjoyed going to school a lot more. Since she had not been receiving the best of grades her parents felt it best to focus on her education more and enrolled her in Kodaiki academy, unfortunately she still remains hopelessley lost in classes.

Likes: Daydreaming, sweets, honesty, charms, and fantasy, sleeping

Dislikes: Tobacco, alcohol, shouting, horror movies, stress, rude people

Sexual preference: Bisexual

Misc: She is highly superstitious, she buys into all sorts of good luck charms and fortune telling. When Kumiko is excited she can be a lot pushier and less tolerant than her usual self. When stressed she enjoys talking to her plants particularly her bonzai tree. She still sleeps with a teddybear and wears kids pyjamas

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Ameliasmuse Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
yess a fellow art and craft buddy! I would adore to rp with you sometime<3
UsagiMomo-Chan Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
Wahh !!! She's so sos oosodosh cuteeeeee !!! :iconuhuhuhuplz:

We should totally rp sometime if you wanna :icondojimathumbsupplz:
Winhdia Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Dofuuhua Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww she looks adorable! 
Minmarin Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Ah thank you~! Kumiko strives for ultimate cuteness. I hope maybe we RP sometime int he future? aha ^ ^
Shimichanga Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
hufffff I'd love to RP with you sometime :iconnashablushplz:<3333
Minmarin Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Amg we should~! Just send me a note or whatever I dont mind really~! > w < 
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